“Thank you for getting Marianne to Asheville finally! I’ve been trying for a while but the price was prohibitive, so this was the perfect venue for her. I’m glad you all were able to get such a great turnout!”

“I had such a wonderful time at the event and am ever grateful for all of the wonderful people that worked their tails off for the journey to unfold as it did! AND, I am ever grateful for the way the Rev. Darlene is able to constantly synthesize and distill all available messages and information from all of the speakers and their subsequent perspectives into her own, continually blossoming message of love, gratitude, growth, and service. It is truly an honor to walk among this community and the many masters sharing their gifts.

This event was so professionally orchestrated and presented as well as steeped in a spiritual depth that is sometimes lacking at events like this. It was clear that its success and overwhelming inspiration came from a clear and powerful vision born of prayer and meditation and a willingness to let Spirit lead. I am truly grateful for your willingness to show up, stand up and speak up!

I am grateful that the members of Unity of the Blue Ridge shared their love–along with their time and talents–and made this amazing event happen. Truly–I was honored to attend.

“The words haven’t been created to describe how much I loved the entire weekend. Heaven on earth is the best description I can use to explain how my spirit soared.”

“Ricky Beyers Beckwith was SO fully self-expressed and Marianne, powerful, passionate and so smart- not to mention every one else involved!”

“I was mega inspired and feel that I have something more specific to live-into now- mainly to love with conviction, along with an America filled with women (and men) who stand and stand up, speak up and show up in ways that say, ‘not on my watch’ with regards to inequality and injustice.”

“Reverend Darlene….I admire you so much for your vision and your persistence. What an effective and inspiring leader you are.”

I would like to know what is being done to pass this idea on to other churches/community/civic organizations in other states. This could really make a difference to our country if the idea is shared and spread, and participation grows across our whole country.

Will Rev. Darlene speak next year? I sure hope so!