The Power of Meditation

In today’s busy world of working, networking, and the ongoing assaults of emails, texts, and family problems, we are saturated with the stress of psychological overload. Our minds are rarely at rest and our bodies are paying the price. You finish the end of a normal day and find that stress has become your partner.

Meditation is one easy way to combat the effects of daily stress, and take back control of your health. Just 20 minutes a day can reduce stress and help your brain to recharge.


How to Begin a Meditation Practice


Meditation does not have to be associated with any religious practice. Viewed as secular and scientific, it is easy to get started.

  1. Set your alarm for 20 minutes, twice a day. This is the time you will be meditating. By setting your alarm, you relax and don’t have to worry about how much longer you have to go.
  2. Simply sit or lie down with your eyes shut in a comfortable position.
  3. In the beginning, your mind will wander and bring in outside sounds and thoughts; just invite all of your distractions into your meditation, don’t resist them. What resists persists. Ultimately, all of these distractions will fall away as you learn to focus your mind in meditation.
  4. Some people like using a mantra, some people like using a word. The power of a mantra is that you can’t assign a meaning to it, therefore you can’t associate any thoughts with it as you empty your mind. A simple mantra such as “om” will do.
  5. Before you begin to meditate, relax your body by isometrically tensing and releasing all the muscle groups starting from the tips of your toes and ending at the top of your head. Just squeeze and release and check in with your body, making sure that you are relaxed.
  6. Then, follow your breath. As you breathe in you will notice that the breath is cool, as you breath out you will notice that your breath is warm. Focus on your breath and bring in your mantra while concentrating on the bridge between your eyes.

Join Gayle Ray as she offers “Meditation for the Love of It” twice a month. This is the title of a book by Sally Kempton that will be used as a guide. She discusses ideas from the book and provides a guided meditation.

Every 2nd Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30 PM and every 2nd Wednesday 1:00 – 2:00 PM afternoon at Unity of The Blue Ridge!Enjoy!


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