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Here is a link to a 19-minute segment from our recent successful webinar, a part of the “Solutions Beyond Diversity” series. SBD Webinar: “A Different Approach to Diversity”:

In this segment, I talk about something that is fundamentally true: that flawed thinking yields flawed theories and flawed practices. Trying to solve a problem with the wrong tool (using a saw to screw in a bolt) yields unsatisfying results. Clearer, appropriate thinking yields clearer and more authentic communication.
If you find this short video helpful, please consider taking the 6-part online course:

Learning TEAM: Learning Authentic Communication, Using the 5 Elements of ‘The Emergent Awareness Model’

In six weekly segments of two hours each, participants will understand and remove the blocks to authentic communication. Each week, participants will explore one of the elements of the ‘TEAM’ (The Emergent Awareness Model) approach. The course agenda includes:

1. The Need for “Solutions Beyond Diversity”
2. Perception & Consciousness/Cultural Filtering
3. Deep Identity
4. Authentic Communication/ Engaging the Other
5. Invisible, Implicit and Assumed Cultures
6. Culture Shaping

The course includes case studies, discussion topics and written handouts.

The Course starts 25 October 2018. For more information on times and costs (including special “Early Bird” rates), please click here: SBD Online Course Info & Registration

Shariff Abdullah
Executive Director, Commonway Institute